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IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControl Class Reference

#include <RegulatingControl.h>

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Public Attributes

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean discrete
IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean enabled
IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControlModeKind mode = IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControlModeKind::_undef
IEC61970::Base::Core::PhaseCode monitoredPhase = IEC61970::Base::Core::PhaseCode::_undef
IEC61970::Base::Domain::Float targetDeadband
IEC61970::Base::Domain::Float targetValue
IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitMultiplier targetValueUnitMultiplier = IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitMultiplier::_undef
- Public Attributes inherited from IEC61970::Base::Core::PowerSystemResource
std::list< IEC61970::Base::Meas::Control * > Controls
std::list< IEC61970::Base::Meas::Measurement * > Measurements
- Public Attributes inherited from IEC61970::Base::Core::IdentifiedObject
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String aliasName
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String description
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String mRID
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String name
std::list< IEC61970::Base::DiagramLayout::DiagramObject * > DiagramObjects

Detailed Description

Specifies a set of equipment that works together to control a power system quantity such as voltage or flow. Remote bus voltage control is possible by specifying the controlled terminal located at some place remote from the controlling equipment. In case multiple equipment, possibly of different types, control same terminal there must be only one RegulatingControl at that terminal. The most specific subtype of RegulatingControl shall be used in case such equipment participate in the control, e.g. TapChangerControl for tap changers. For flow control load sign convention is used, i.e. positive sign means flow out from a TopologicalNode (bus) into the conducting equipment.

Member Data Documentation

◆ discrete

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControl::discrete

The regulation is performed in a discrete mode. This applies to equipment with discrete controls, e.g. tap changers and shunt compensators.

◆ enabled

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControl::enabled

The flag tells if regulation is enabled.

◆ mode

IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControlModeKind IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControl::mode = IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControlModeKind::_undef

The regulating control mode presently available. This specification allows for determining the kind of regulation without need for obtaining the units from a schedule.

◆ monitoredPhase

IEC61970::Base::Core::PhaseCode IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControl::monitoredPhase = IEC61970::Base::Core::PhaseCode::_undef

Phase voltage controlling this regulator, measured at regulator location.

◆ targetDeadband

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Float IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControl::targetDeadband

This is a deadband used with discrete control to avoid excessive update of controls like tap changers and shunt compensator banks while regulating. The units of those appropriate for the mode.

◆ targetValue

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Float IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControl::targetValue

The target value specified for case input. This value can be used for the target value without the use of schedules. The value has the units appropriate to the mode attribute.

◆ targetValueUnitMultiplier

IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitMultiplier IEC61970::Base::Wires::RegulatingControl::targetValueUnitMultiplier = IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitMultiplier::_undef

Specify the multiplier for used for the targetValue.

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