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IEC61970::Base::DC::ACDCConverterDCTerminal Class Reference

#include <ACDCConverterDCTerminal.h>

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Public Attributes

IEC61970::Base::DC::DCPolarityKind polarity = IEC61970::Base::DC::DCPolarityKind::_undef
- Public Attributes inherited from IEC61970::Base::DC::DCBaseTerminal
- Public Attributes inherited from IEC61970::Base::Core::ACDCTerminal
IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean connected
IEC61970::Base::Domain::Integer sequenceNumber
- Public Attributes inherited from IEC61970::Base::Core::IdentifiedObject
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String aliasName
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String description
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String mRID
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String name
std::list< IEC61970::Base::DiagramLayout::DiagramObject * > DiagramObjects

Detailed Description

A DC electrical connection point at the AC/DC converter. The AC/DC converter is electrically connected also to the AC side. The AC connection is inherited from the AC conducting equipment in the same way as any other AC equipment. The AC/DC converter DC terminal is separate from generic DC terminal to restrict the connection with the AC side to AC/DC converter and so that no other DC conducting equipment can be connected to the AC side.

Member Data Documentation

◆ polarity

IEC61970::Base::DC::DCPolarityKind IEC61970::Base::DC::ACDCConverterDCTerminal::polarity = IEC61970::Base::DC::DCPolarityKind::_undef

Represents the normal network polarity condition.

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