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IEC61970::Base::Domain::Damping Class Reference

#include <Damping.h>

Public Attributes

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Float value

Static Public Attributes

static const IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitMultiplier denominatorMultiplier = IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitMultiplier::none
static const IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitSymbol denominatorUnit = IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitSymbol::Hz
static const IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitMultiplier multiplier = IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitMultiplier::none
static const IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitSymbol unit = IEC61970::Base::Domain::UnitSymbol::none

Detailed Description

Per-unit active power variation with frequency referenced on the system apparent power base. Typical values are in range 1.0 - 2.0.

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