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IEC61970::Base::Core::Equipment Class Reference

#include <Equipment.h>

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Public Attributes

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean aggregate
IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean inService
IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean normallyInService
- Public Attributes inherited from IEC61970::Base::Core::PowerSystemResource
std::list< IEC61970::Base::Meas::Control * > Controls
std::list< IEC61970::Base::Meas::Measurement * > Measurements
- Public Attributes inherited from IEC61970::Base::Core::IdentifiedObject
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String aliasName
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String description
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String mRID
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String name
std::list< IEC61970::Base::DiagramLayout::DiagramObject * > DiagramObjects

Detailed Description

The parts of a power system that are physical devices, electronic or mechanical.

Member Data Documentation

◆ aggregate

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean IEC61970::Base::Core::Equipment::aggregate

The single instance of equipment represents multiple pieces of equipment that have been modeled together as an aggregate. Examples would be power transformers or synchronous machines operating in parallel modeled as a single aggregate power transformer or aggregate synchronous machine. This is not to be used to indicate equipment that is part of a group of interdependent equipment produced by a network production program.

◆ inService

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean IEC61970::Base::Core::Equipment::inService

If true, the equipment is in service.

◆ normallyInService

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean IEC61970::Base::Core::Equipment::normallyInService

If true, the equipment is normally in service.

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