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IEC61970::Base::ControlArea::TieFlow Class Reference

#include <TieFlow.h>

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Public Attributes

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean positiveFlowIn
std::list< IEC61970::Base::ControlArea::AltTieMeas * > AltTieMeas

Detailed Description

A flow specification in terms of location and direction for a control area.

Member Data Documentation

◆ AltTieMeas

std::list<IEC61970::Base::ControlArea::AltTieMeas*> IEC61970::Base::ControlArea::TieFlow::AltTieMeas

The primary and alternate tie flow measurements associated with the tie flow.

◆ positiveFlowIn

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean IEC61970::Base::ControlArea::TieFlow::positiveFlowIn

True if the flow into the terminal (load convention) is also flow into the control area. For example, this attribute should be true if using the tie line terminal further away from the control area. For example to represent a tie to a shunt component (like a load or generator) in another area, this is the near end of a branch and this attribute would be specified as false.

◆ Terminal

IEC61970::Base::Core::Terminal* IEC61970::Base::ControlArea::TieFlow::Terminal

The terminal to which this tie flow belongs.

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