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IEC61968::PaymentMetering::ConsumptionTariffInterval Class Reference

#include <ConsumptionTariffInterval.h>

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Public Attributes

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Integer sequenceNumber
IEC61970::Base::Domain::RealEnergy startValue
std::list< IEC61968::PaymentMetering::TimeTariffInterval * > TouTariffIntervals
std::list< IEC61968::PaymentMetering::Charge * > Charges

Detailed Description

One of a sequence of intervals defined in terms of consumption quantity of a service such as electricity, water, gas, etc. It is typically used in association with TariffProfile to define the steps or blocks in a step tariff structure, where startValue simultaneously defines the entry value of this step and the closing value of the previous step. Where consumption is >= startValue it falls within this interval and where consumption is < startValue it falls within the previous interval.

Member Data Documentation

◆ Charges

std::list<IEC61968::PaymentMetering::Charge*> IEC61968::PaymentMetering::ConsumptionTariffInterval::Charges

All charges used to define this consumption tariff interval.

◆ sequenceNumber

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Integer IEC61968::PaymentMetering::ConsumptionTariffInterval::sequenceNumber

A sequential reference that defines the identity of this interval and its relative position with respect to other intervals in a sequence of intervals.

◆ startValue

IEC61970::Base::Domain::RealEnergy IEC61968::PaymentMetering::ConsumptionTariffInterval::startValue

The lowest level of consumption that defines the starting point of this interval. The interval extends to the start of the next interval or until it is reset to the start of the first interval by TariffProfile.tariffCycle.

◆ TouTariffIntervals

std::list<IEC61968::PaymentMetering::TimeTariffInterval*> IEC61968::PaymentMetering::ConsumptionTariffInterval::TouTariffIntervals

All time of use tariff intervals influenced by this consumption tariff interval.

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