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IEC61968::Common::StreetDetail Class Reference

#include <StreetDetail.h>

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Public Attributes

IEC61970::Base::Domain::String addressGeneral
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String buildingName
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String code
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String name
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String number
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String prefix
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String suffix
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String suiteNumber
IEC61970::Base::Domain::String type
IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean withinTownLimits

Detailed Description

Street details, in the context of address.

Member Data Documentation

◆ addressGeneral

IEC61970::Base::Domain::String IEC61968::Common::StreetDetail::addressGeneral

Additional address information, for example a mailstop.

◆ buildingName

IEC61970::Base::Domain::String IEC61968::Common::StreetDetail::buildingName

(if applicable) In certain cases the physical location of the place of interest does not have a direct point of entry from the street, but may be located inside a larger structure such as a building, complex, office block, apartment, etc.

◆ code

IEC61970::Base::Domain::String IEC61968::Common::StreetDetail::code

(if applicable) Utilities often make use of external reference systems, such as those of the town-planner's department or surveyor general's mapping system, that allocate global reference codes to streets.

◆ name

IEC61970::Base::Domain::String IEC61968::Common::StreetDetail::name

Name of the street.

◆ number

IEC61970::Base::Domain::String IEC61968::Common::StreetDetail::number

Designator of the specific location on the street.

◆ prefix

IEC61970::Base::Domain::String IEC61968::Common::StreetDetail::prefix

Prefix to the street name. For example: North, South, East, West.

◆ suffix

IEC61970::Base::Domain::String IEC61968::Common::StreetDetail::suffix

Suffix to the street name. For example: North, South, East, West.

◆ suiteNumber

IEC61970::Base::Domain::String IEC61968::Common::StreetDetail::suiteNumber

Number of the apartment or suite.

◆ type

IEC61970::Base::Domain::String IEC61968::Common::StreetDetail::type

Type of street. Examples include: street, circle, boulevard, avenue, road, drive, etc.

◆ withinTownLimits

IEC61970::Base::Domain::Boolean IEC61968::Common::StreetDetail::withinTownLimits

True if this street is within the legal geographical boundaries of the specified town (default).

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